Where it all startedā€¦

More 2 do started after a series of events that led to Ann-Marie stepping back and taking a critical look at the field and her own impact and involvement within this profession. Ann-Marie reflected on the division and the general lack of joy she was seeing amongst professionals, especially newer BCBAs in the field.

The joy she had encountered over her career working with clients was not sufficient to overcome the stressors that were present working in the human service field in the current climate. The comradery with families, colleagues and clients seemed to not be as prevalent as it was earlier in her career. Ann-Marie was questioning if she was able to make a positive difference on those she had the privilege of working with if she was not happy and engaged in her career.

In April 2023, seeking clarity and direction, and a last-ditch effort to see what was next for her, Ann-Marie embarked on a retreat/conference that proved to be a defining juncture for her and her path. Here, surrounded by a diverse cohort of professionals, she encountered a shared sentimentā€”an intrinsic desire to enact positive change despite differing backgrounds and perspectives. This meeting of purpose informed the possibility of community, growth and transformation within the field, encouraging Ann-Marie's own rejuvenation.

In the backdrop of compassionate and collaborative applications of behavior analysis, Ann-Marie's passion, and sense of purpose reignited. She realized that she had "More 2 Do"ā€”not just as an individual driven by personal growth, but as a professional dedicated to fostering positive impact for the clients she serves and growth and development within the behavior analyst community and beyond.

This realization became the momentum for the birth of More 2 Do, an endeavor fueled by a commitment to infuse fun, growth, and purpose into the everyday practice of behavior analysis.


Mission Statement

At More 2 Do, we are dedicated to fostering growth, fun, and connection in the realm of behavior analysis. Our mission is to provide exceptional consultancy services that empower individuals, families, and organizations to achieve their goals through the principles of applied behavior analysis.

Guided by a commitment to professional excellence and integrity, we strive to create a dynamic environment where growth is nurtured, connections are forged, and learning is a joyful journey. We believe that through open communication, collaboration, and a genuine spirit of honesty, we can cultivate a transformative experience for our clients and partners.

With a passion for continuous improvement and innovation, we aim to be a force in driving positive change and meaningful impact. Our consultancy services are designed to inspire positive behavior change, enhance relationships, and enrich lives. As we embark on this mission, we invite you to join us in creating a world where growth is limitless, connections are authentic, fun is cherished, and honesty is the foundation of all we do."

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower every individual, family, and organization we work with to reach their full potential, fostering an environment where learning is a joyful journey, relationships are enriched, and honesty is the bedrock of all interactions.

Through a deep commitment to both fun and excellence, we envision a world where every aspiration is within reach, every challenge is met with resilience, and every endeavor is marked by meaningful impact."

Our Core Values


Finding happiness and laughter in what we do and ensuring that our actions bring joy to others as well.


Always looking for new ways to help our clients grow based on past successes but never resting on the status quo. We are committed to expanding our own personal capabilities and knowledge in order to be better humans and practitioners.


Doing the right thing even when there is no one watching, operating from a place of honesty even when this is challenging and working within the parameters of our knowledge.


Being aware of our own and others challenges and doing what we can to make things a little easier for others and for ourselves when possible.


Striving for excellence in the services we provide and when we fall short of providing this, reflecting and making changes to ensure we are raising the bar and improving our standards.