More 2 Do LLC

What do we do?

More 2 Do is a consultancy organization dedicated to the development and growth of individuals accessing their services. 

Individual therapy plans are developed for children with neurodevelopmental differences through collaboration and the application of evidence-based practices. 

More 2 Do also offers supervision to those pursing credentialing with either the Behavior Analysis Certification Board or the International Behavior Analysis Organization or assisting current clinicians developing their skills and growth within the field.


Supervision, Mentorship and Professional Development for those pursuing or have attained credentialling as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst or as an International Behavior Analyst!


Growth            Fun                Honesty


These are the Values of our organization!

Whats Available

Supervision and Mentorship

Looking for supervision to assist your development within the field- contact us to see if we are a good fit for your needs. 

Staff Training and Development

Here at More 2 Do we love in house training. Since Covid we have all become accustomed to online and remote training. 


Coming Soon!!!

"I wanted you to know that you were and still are a huge influence on why I fell in love with what I do. You inspired me and taught me in so many ways and I will never forget the things I learned from you. you not only made it fun and intriguing but also gave me confidence in myself.!"

Behavior Technician

"No matter what side of the world you are on you are just a text or phone call away. As a supervisor it's important to maintain positive relationships with your supervisees and always be that close contact when needed-thank you for doing this for me. "


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