$20.00 USD

2 Supervision CEUs

With the updates from the BACB in January 2022, the 5th Edition Task List and the updated ethics code for Behavior analysts there has been more focus on what are often considered softer skills for supervisees. The purpose of this webinar is to highlight what we can do as supervisors to develop and train supervisees to practice humility in their clinical application. We will look at ways to assist us to train supervisees to reflect on their own behaviors and bias. In addition, we look at tools to provide supervisees to practice self-care strategies using behavior analytic systems to help them navigate the challenges that are becoming more prevalent in our field.


Learning Objectives:

Participants will identify ways to cultivate humility in supervisees.

Participants will identify one way to promote reciprocal feedback in supervision.

Participants will be able to model to supervisees how to engage in self-reflection.

Participants will be able to train supervises to identify self-care practices.